Top 9 Marketing Strategies that help in the Organizational Growth

Top 9 Marketing Strategies that help in the Organizational Growth

Whether you are interested in Digital marketing or offline marketing, both are successful only when you plan strategies that are customer based instead of product-based strategy. The modern marketing techniques specifically online marketing has been rocking the practical field due to Segmentation targeting and positioning (STP).

Segmentation targeting and positioning is an audience-based model of marketing that helps to target the needs, values, and choice of the customer as well as it targets the requirements of the market based on the market research. A marketer creates a proposition model that sets a standard against the competitor and keeps an internal analysis regularly to increase the growth of an organization. You will find the top strategic marketing planning successful and trending based on STP.

  1. Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate marketing is an interesting strategic marketing planning. People earn commissions through affiliate marketing when a customer purchases any product due to a link shared by the affiliate. Affiliates are the persons who promote specific products and convince the customers to purchase those. Affiliate marketing is a significant tact to attract customers towards online businesses as it generates prominent revenue. An estimate shows that affiliate marketing has been increasing the revenue of online marketing by 10 % every year in the United States.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a powerful tool for marketing your business. It helps to improve the website traffic directed through a search engine. SEO can increase the online visibility of your blog, website, or your business site. More visibility means more sales that can increase the annual growth of your company or organization. Search engine optimization techniques help to upgrade your business. SEO can be produced through more citations, customer reviews, customer feedback, and gaining access to the top listing of Google.

  1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is itself an umbrella of marketing techniques. Search engine marketing is a popular marketing stance due to its productivity and effectiveness. It is based on the promotion of websites primarily through advertisements. The purpose of the promotion is to get top ranking in the Search Engine result pages (SERP). It includes a keyword-based search, and advertisements usually pay per click to get more visibility.

  1. Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a multi-sourced strategy that approaches the targeted audience through their smartphones. A marketer plans to attract the users of the tablet, mobile phone, or other mobile-friendly devices. The purpose of mobile marketing is to facilitate smartphone users by providing them mobile-friendly apps and websites, as well as mobile users, are approached through SMS, MMS, social media accounts, and other mobile-friendly features.

Whatever strategic marketing planning you plan, make it mobile-friendly. For instance, if you plan to create a website or blog to promote your business, ask your web developer to create a mobile version along with a web version. An estimate revealed that there are nearly 5 billion people worldwide who use mobile phones. Mobile users are often more frequent in responding to online or offline promotions, so mobile marketing can prove fruitful for gaining significant growth in your business.

  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is related to the creation and sharing of valuable and productive content online. The purpose of content marketing is to get loyal and profitable customers. Content includes podcasts, videos, images, blogs, and social media to market any business as well as e-books and white papers are also a source of content sharing. You can create unique content through strategic marketing planning to upgrade your website’s status.

Segmentation targeting and positioning strategy can help you to make your content more productive and appealing.

  1. Social Media marketing

No one can deny the popularity of social media platforms. People of all ages use social media networks. You can introduce your business on more than one social media forums to get the customers. A business-oriented page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many others can turn a good ratio of traffic to your store or business. Many organizations or businesses that do not possess a website sell out their products through social media accounts.

  1. Blogging

Start your blog to introduce your organization online. Many people believe that blogging does not work as effectively as other marketing strategies do. This perspective is based on the lower visibility of the blog. But active blogs with a wise and enriched content appeal to the customers. You can start answer/ Question sessions and advertise your blog by giving your free space for rent.

Numerous creative ways can attract traffic to your blog. You can use publishing forums like LinkedIn and post creative content there regarding your business. Such authority domains can connect you with millions of users instantly.

  1. Google My Business

Google My Business is a marketing tool that can manage your presence across Google through search and maps. When a user searches a business on Google related to your niche; all related businesses will be shown in the list including address, map directions, phone number, and other information in the profile. Google My Business helps to upgrade your local search engine optimization. It uses the name, address, and phone number (NAP) to get cited online.

Google My Business is an excellent tool to manage your business profile online to reach your customers. Customers can give a review of your business as well as you can respond to your customer.

  1. Video Tutorials

Video is an instant and effective way to introduce your products and services to the targeted audience. A video is considered a work worthy tool or marketing strategy to attract the customer on the doorstep of any organization.

Video making and sharing have been trending online. You can introduce your products quickly and effectively in a video of a few minutes only. A study revealed that companies that use videos in their strategic marketing planning gained growth up to 49 % annually as compared to those who did not use video tutorials.

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