PR or public relations is the practice of keeping a positive image of a company or organization in the eyes of the targeted audience. It is a series of activities that promote an organization and help it strengthen it’s brand and product. PR influences the opinion of people and directs it to the advantage of its clients. It is based on thorough analysis, interpreting the attitudes and issues of the public, and having deep knowledge about consumer marketing.

Public relations company, unlike advertising, is unpaid promotion. Their goal is to promote their client by boosting the importance of their product and convincing publications and other forums to write an article about them. This is the complete opposite of advertising where you pay for advertising to promote your product or business. This adds value to your product due to third-party endorsement and has more chances of getting viewers.

The public relations agency is responsible for writing press releases and pitches, researching and designing strategies, and planning and executing events to gain media coverage. Public Relation consulting in Lahore, Pakistan is a common practice done by many companies. PNY advertising is a public relations company designed to meet the needs of our clients. Our team comprises of skilled, creative, and resourceful PR solutions in Pakistan that are working to lead their clients to success. We at PNY advertising offer following services to our clients:

  • Development of strategies
  • Messaging
  • Media relations
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Events marketing
  • Influencer relations
  • Others


PR consultants and their role:

A public relations consultant is a professional mediator between an organization and the public. They handle the image of an organization and are responsible for projecting positive information about the company while simultaneously conveying the public’s expectations and concerns back to the company. A company is dependent on PR consultants for policymaking, promotion of their products, and building a strong relationship with the public.

The PR consulting in Lahore, Pakistan plays a role necessary to convey the message of a company to its audience. It can be through the medium of writing, dialogue or arranging events. It is the job of PR consultants to keep the public aware of the latest happenings and new products launch by the company. The roles of PR consultant are stated below:


Inscribe communication:

A large part of the PR consultant’s job is to write down press releases, speeches, articles, and information about new products and services for the media launch. They should have a strong grip on this form of communication. The written material should be precise, clear, enthralling, and meet the requirement of the client.



Event organization:

A major role of PR consulting in Lahore, Pakistan is to properly plan and execute any corporate event. They can be a press conference, company dinners or media launches. PR consultants should have appropriate skills in event management.


Media relations:

It is the responsibility of PR consultants to establish good relations with the media. This is beneficial for the company as press releases and articles can be selected by desired publications when required. Also, in the case of interview offers; PR consultants are responsible for dealing with it.



PR and promotional campaign

PR is one of the most effective means of presenting a positive image of the company and promoting its brand. It provides depth to your brand and increases its credibility. The main focus of PR is to improve the public relations of a company and gain the attention of customers through strategic marketing. PNY advertising is a public relations company which serves in several domains such as travel, beauty, technology, food, etc. We work to raise our client’s profits and build up their brand by using creative strategy and unique ideas.

Following are some of the benefits of PR in an organization:



One of the main features of PR is storytelling. They help brands present their stories to the public uniquely and authentically. They allow companies to focus on the concept behind each product to tell their story. This way the audience easily connects to them.


Identify your target audience:

Once you have decided which story to tell, the next step is to identify the audience and how to communicate your message. It should be appealing and should be delivered according to the respective audience. This way you can send your message across more people.



Better media relations:

PR solutions in Pakistan play an important role to improve media relations. This benefits organizations as their articles or press releases can be published by desired publications when required.



Offered Services

A good PR agency helps companies or individuals maintain a progressive relationship with its audience. They understand that each situation and organization needs a well-defined tactic to generate results. PNY advertising has the top PR solutions in Pakistan that help organizations have a constructive dialogue with the audience. Our strategic marketing and expertise guide our clients to convey their message to a wider audience.

Here are some of the services provided by PNY advertising:


Development of strategy:

A good PR agency will first identify your weaknesses and strengths and explore what makes you unique and your product different. They will then imply this information and use their expertise to start a conversation between you and your desired audience. This development of strategy results in lasting results.


Content marketing:

One major characteristic of PR is content marketing. PR consultants are well-versed with writing and create pieces that convey brand messaging to the public engagingly. This helps you promote your brand and attract customers.


Event marketing:

Often PR agency opts for event marketing to promote a product or service through different promotional events. These events are the key to directly associate with the consumer and build audience.



Get your PR/media services

PNY advertising offers an inclusive marketing strategy and has passionate teams that work to strengthen your relations with the public. Our teams are skilful and resourceful that analyze and interpret the public’s reactions and expectations and use this to help our clients connect with the audience. If you want to convey your brand message and have a dialogue with the public, we are your best option.